7 January 2020

Zain will be the main sponsor of Kuwait Motor Show 2020

 Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced its main sponsorship of the 9th edition of the Kuwait Motor Show 2020, the biggest show for […]
11 January 2020

Iran crisis fuels fear over Middle East oil supplies

The burgeoning Iran crisis has sparked oil supply worries over the Strait of Hormuz-a vital shipping lane for a fifth of global crude-and also over Iraq’s […]
11 January 2020

Three years after $1 billion Venezuela deal, U.S. oilfield firm shuts doors

An Oklahoma oilfield company that played a central role in Venezuela’s high profile attempt to convince the world it could halt production declines at its dilapidated […]
12 January 2020

Gold reaches $1,559 as market observes tensions

The price of gold surged to $1,559 per ounce, rising as much as 16 percent in the wake of rising tensions between Iran and the United […]