Jim Ross Talks AEW’s Focus Regarding New Talent Signings

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14 February 2020
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14 February 2020

Jim Ross Talks AEW’s Focus Regarding New Talent Signings

AEW Commentator Jim Ross recently took part in a Q&A episode of his ‘Grilling JR‘ podcast. The former voice of WWE answered questions across his illustrious career, both for WWE and his new home on TNT with AEW.

One of the questions posed to Jim Ross revolved around AEW’s stance in terms of new signings. Ring of Honor star Jeff Cobb appeared in a shock appearance on Dynamite this week to the end the show. Interestingly, although JR is reportedly not involved in talent relations he did mention that the likes of Cobb would be a great fit for All Elite.

“I’m a big fan of Lance Archer, I’m a big fan of Jeff Cobb” – Jim Ross

When asked about the type of talent AEW should be looking for JR replied “size. Athletic, big guys. I don’t know who is signed. I [just] know that I’m a big fan of Lance Archer, I’m a big fan of Jeff Cobb. I’m a big fan of the former Harper in WWE [now Brodie Lee].”

Jim Ross elaborated further, saying “guys like that have ability that we all can see. [Guys] That have not been given the total opportunity to become a global star with a spotlight on them. I like those kind of guys, because all those guys I just mentioned are from athletic backgrounds. So that means to me that since being a kid they were competitive. That’s important. Because this business is not easy. So finding athletes to become pro wrestlers is not a bad formula, it worked for generations in our country. Bronko Nagurski is an NFL Hall of Famer. [He] was playing football in the height of his career, but left the NFL [to] wrestle full time cause he made more money wrestling at that point.”

Jim Ross also made the point of saying that AEW needs to look at bringing in bigger stars to play the heel role. “We need heels, big heels, we need heels on our roster to develop. We [AEW] probably have too many babyfaces. So I think big athletic heels are something they’re looking for.”

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